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Hand-Carved Stamps

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Carve up some creativity! Learn how to make hand-carved stamps to create unique stationery. Trace the template of stamp designs included in the crate, or branch out and design your own! Plus, you can reuse the stamps again and again.

Includes a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated instructions, all the materials, and additional art & design ideas and inspiration.

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simple + high impact
Review by Heather R.
I love that it was simple but high impact and that the end result was something useful. I would love more crates like this.
June 1, 2015
My daughter did it on her own!
Review by Jenny C.
My kiddo was excited to do the entire thing herself. Since there wasn't a way for me to demonstrate without using a stamp, she took on the entire thing solo. She was very proud of herself! It contained everything she needed.
May 19, 2015
We enjoyed it.
Review by Julie C.
The experience was great and definitely something to create a bond with my daughter.
April 5, 2015
Convenient and Well Organized
Review by Donna E.
Well organized. I like the instructions & ideas. It's so convenient to have most of the needed supplies provided!
March 27, 2015
Creative Fun
Review by Melissa K.
There was enough "room" for my 9 year-old daughter to be creative without having to follow a set pattern (option to use ideas from the crate or have a blank canvas for her stamp). She is participating in a printing class at school and that cemented what she is learning. She had fun.
March 18, 2015
Review by Keira K.
It was great that this crate offered a technique we never tried. My daughter loved making the stamps and used them to make hand made Valentines.
March 10, 2015
Loved the Tutorial Video
Review by Christina H.
It was something that my child wouldn't have ever done without it being provided in a kit this way. I also appreciated the youtube video that was available to aid my child.
February 9, 2015
we learned a new technique!
Review by Rebecca R.
We liked that this was a technique and materials that we've never encountered before. We appreciated the sheet of clip art to use as our first stencils, as well as the stamp pads and cards.
February 7, 2015
great concept
Review by Misty M.
The concept was what was most interesting. We've done a lot of stamping but stamp carving seemed to intimidating. This kit made it feel simple. I also loved that you included white ink in the kit; it give a very different look that kids might not be used to.
January 19, 2015